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About Upside

Our Mission:
To democratize global finance, fostering shared prosperity.

Our Story

We believe that the blockchain is a transformative technology that will change the way that organizations and companies are formed, funded, and organized. We believe being a 100% remote company is an advantage, and we believe in the power of asynchronous work. To that end, we foster a collaborative community that can come together as individuals and in teams to build something truly special.

100% Remote

Web3 Dedicated

Fun at Parties

Big Upside

Our Milestones

$1 Billion +

Worth of tokens distributed


Blockchain accounts served

5 Chains live

Ethereum, Polygon, Algorand, Avalanche, Solana

Our Team

We are a fully remote squad, spanning four continents and ten countries.

Noah Thorp
CEO, Founder
Alejandro Brunella
Front End Engineer & Designer
Aleksei Cherepanov
Lead Full Stack Engineer
Ali Husić
Full Stack Developer
Anastasiia Motuzko
Senior Full Stack Engineer
Andy Raisen
Senior Account Manager
Bryan Wilson
Legal Engineer
Denis Davidov
Senior Smart Contract Engineer
Faruk Sakic
QA Engineer
Lindsey Newton
Maksym Makarychev
Smart Contract Engineer
Melissa Forester
Finance Director
Mirza Zekic
QA Engineer
Nikhil Padala
Senior DevOps Engineer
Paula Black
Senior Project Manager
Ryan Morris
VP of Marketing
Upside Team
Vinny Deluiz
Solutions Partner
Yan Man
VP of Engineering

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Explore our ever-growing collection of articles, ebooks, and webinars dedicated to providing cutting-edge insights on tokenization.

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Security Tokens

How Tokenization Improves The Illiquidity Discount

When examining the unique benefits tokenization provides compared to legacy financial instruments, perhaps the most compelling benefit is the removal of the illiquidity discount.
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Security Tokens

The Six Most Interesting Trends in Tokenized Real Estate - 2023 Edition

Real estate, one of the world's oldest and most significant asset classes, is undergoing a remarkable transformation. The year 2023 marks a pivotal point in this evolution.
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