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Launch a Token Designed For Gaming

Turbocharge your community with a custom utility token.

Having launched tokens for some of the biggest games in Web3, we know every angle and consideration. From regulatory concerns to tokenomics, our platform ensures you can easily deliver a worthwhile and impactful token to your community.
See How Its Done
$1 Billion + in successfully launched tokens.
800,000 blockchain accounts served.

A Wealth of Opportunity For Games

Gaming tokens can turbocharge communities, drive adoption and build awareness. We designed our platform to make it easy for you to achieve those goals.

  • Simple Loot Table Setup

    Easily create action-based earnings of tokens with an eye toward regulatory compliance.
  • Crypto Assets In-Game

    Setup in game transfers of ERC 1155 & ERC 20 tokens within the structure of the game.
  • Web2 API Ready

    Integrate an API into current dev environment for real-time control of the in-game token.
  • ūüöÄ Ready For Launch

    We create the smart contract, we have it audited, you focus on the awareness and the distribution; bringing joy and enthusiasm to your community.

Trusted Across The Globe

Upside recently helped these companies create, launch, and manage over 1 Billion tokens, distributed to over 800K blockchain accounts.

We Mean Business

$1 Billion
Worth of successfully launched tokens
Blockchain accounts served

Built For Projects That Care About Doing Things Right

Carefully Constructed To Help Launch Your Project Safely & Securely

Best practices and a focus on the regulatory details help founders set up their projects for long term success while continuously building community value. This ethos extends to all of the launches we provide: Utility Tokens, Security Tokens, Community DAOs and Fund DAOs.

Lockup Periods for Early Investors & Team Token Vesting

Create vesting schedules that unlock tokens for early investors, team members, partners and advisors as they continue to contribute. Configure complex rules like 1 year cliffs, lockup periods and monthly vesting. Or configure vesting triggers based on achieving work milestones.

Easily Transfer Tokens To 10 or 10,000 Contributors & Investors

Create token-based transfers manually and via API, sending them securely through our in-platform wallet integrations where they automatically post to the blockchain. Simple. Secure.

Be Compliant. Set Rules For Security Token Transfers

Create regulatory categories (e.g. Reg CF unaccredited US, Reg D accredited, and Reg S non-us investors), apply a Group to each of your security token holders, and design custom Transfer Rules between them to ensure proper token compliance.