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Vesting For Tokens, Without Any Headaches.

Set & forget token vesting schedules.

Whether for investors or project contributors, Upside's vesting lockup tool releases tokens at whatever cadence the project owner sets. This ensures that tokens are allocated in a way that reduces the vulnerability of the network, meets the project standards, and rewards the right behavior.
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$1 Billion + in successfully launched tokens.
800,000 blockchain accounts served.

The #1 Feature Request

Founders, investors, contributors - everyone benefits from the ability to set vesting schedules and lockup periods for tokens. We've made it a top priority to bring the power of vesting to projects with a simple to use interface.

  • Simple Setup

    Select a token amount, a time frame, a cliff, and hit save. Your vesting schedule is ready to roll.
  • Set Transfer Restrictions

    Ensure your project is regulatory compliant by using lockup periods to restrict transfers.
  • Hundreds of Investors?

    Create multiple lockup schedules and apply them to as many investors as needed.
  • Reward Contributors

    Align incentives with project contributors and community members to ensure commitment from both sides.

Trusted Across The Globe

Upside recently helped these companies create, launch, and manage over 1 Billion tokens, distributed to over 800K blockchain accounts.

We Mean Business

$1 Billion
Worth of successfully launched tokens
Blockchain accounts served

Built For Projects That Care About Doing Things Right

Carefully Constructed To Help Launch Your Project Safely & Securely

Best practices and a focus on the regulatory details help founders set up their projects for long term success while continuously building community value. This ethos extends to all of the launches we provide: Utility Tokens, Security Tokens, Community DAOs and Fund DAOs.

Lockup Periods for Early Investors & Team Token Vesting

Create vesting schedules that unlock tokens for early investors, team members, partners and advisors as they continue to contribute. Configure complex rules like 1 year cliffs, lockup periods and monthly vesting. Or configure vesting triggers based on achieving work milestones.

Easily Transfer Tokens To 10 or 10,000 Contributors & Investors

Create token-based transfers manually and via API, sending them securely through our in-platform wallet integrations where they automatically post to the blockchain. Simple. Secure.

Be Compliant. Set Rules For Security Token Transfers

Create regulatory categories (e.g. Reg CF unaccredited US, Reg D accredited, and Reg S non-us investors), apply a Group to each of your security token holders, and design custom Transfer Rules between them to ensure proper token compliance.