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We are working hard to simplify the creation and management of Web3 projects. Interested in joining the team? Check out our openings below.


About Us

We believe that the blockchain is a transformative technology that will change the way that organizations and companies are formed, funded, and organized.

We believe being a 100% remote company is an advantage, and we believe in the power of asynchronous work. To that end, we foster a collaborative community that can come together as individuals and in teams to build something truly special.
100% Remote
Web3 Dedicated
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The Traits We Value

We are always in search of entrepreneurs at heart. We’re a startup. We’re looking for high integrity people who have founded companies, started community groups and launched creative projects because they were driven to.
The traits that embody this entrepreneurial spirit are:

Confidence In Building

Those that feel a sense of confidence and pride in shipping new projects into the world need apply.


This is a fast paced start-up in the high speed waters of blockchain. Dusting yourself off and trying again is a daily practice.

Risk Discernment

Knowing that to make important things requires taking the right risks and being comfortable evaluating which risks to take and which to avoid.


Relishing ambiguous and new situations, where some traditional methods won't lead to the usual successes.

Welcomes Feedback

Constructive, thoughtful feedback should be received well, and should be given with generosity. This is how we grow.

Team Players

We are first a foremost a team driven to build great things, and that includes our team.
An employee stock option program available to full time hires
Full Health Care Plan
Full Vision Care Plan
Full Dental Care Plan
Life + Long Term Insurance
Unlimited Paid Time Off
Monthly Health & Wellness Stipend

What We Offer

We are dedicated to creating an environment where talented people can achieve at the highest level. We believe that requires a comprehensive package of benefits, geared to a remote work-force.

We are adding new benefits regularly as we learn more and more what a remote team most values and requires to be successful.

Open Positions

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