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The one-stop source for safely and securely managing your utility token project.

Unrestricted Tokens
Liquidity Provider Staking
On-Chain Vesting
Token Swap Integration
On-Chain Lockups
Multiple chains support
Upside Management Suite
Expert Support
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De-risk your security token project from the start and set it up for continued success.

Transfer Restrictions
Dividend distribution
On-Chain Lockups
Token Swap Integration
On-Chain Vesting
Multiple Chains Supported
Upside Management Suite
Expert Support
Speak With a Launch Specialist


De-risk your security token project from the start and set it up for continued success.

NFT Design Studio
Custom Royalty Splits
Marketplace Listings
Timed Revealed NFT Art
NFT Designer
Royalty Split Tools
Generative NFT Tools
Marketplace Integration
Open Sea Integration
Timed Reveals
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With Upside's Tools, You Can Build Products With Long Term Impact

Unique tools built into the platform remove the headaches of launching and managing Web3 projects. You just focus on the future.

What Are On Chain Vesting Lockups?

Whether for investors or project contributors, the vesting lockup tool releases tokens at whatever cadence the project owner sets. This ensures that tokens are allocated in a way that reduces the vulnerability of the network, meets the project standards, and rewards the right behavior.

What Are Liquidity Providers (LP) Staking Rewards?

Liquidity providers are investors who stake their cryptocurrency tokens to earn transaction fees. In exchange for providing liquidity to other users in the network, liquidity providers are rewarded for staking coins that facilitate the transfer or exchange of one token for another.

What Are Unrestricted Tokens?

An unrestricted token is often also a utility token. This means it is not subject to securities regulations, and therefore considered "unrestricted". They are able to be freely transferred in accordance with the network rules of the blockchain they are associated with.

What Are Transfer Restriction Controls?

In order to remain compliant with Securities regulations, there are certain restrictions that need to be in place for Security Tokens. For example, a Security Token cannot be traded by someone who is not an accredited investor; transfer restriction controls prevent these transfers from happening, ensuring your project stays in compliance.

What Are Dividend Distributions?

A key component of Security Tokens is that they reward those who fund a project with dividends in the same way that a company might reward stockholders. Upside has built this functionality into all Security Token Packages, so you can set and forget distribution of dividends.

What is a Restricted Token Swap Integration?

While security tokens are restricted to a certain set of investors, there are specific marketplaces that these tokens are able to be sold on, due to the native enforcement mechanisms of the marketplace. Upside provides an integration for token swaps with these specific marketplaces.

What is a Smart Contract Security Audit?

A required milestone for any relevant Web3 project is for it to conduct a smart contract security audit - in short, a stress test and analysis of the project's smart contracts. These are important to keep safe the funds invested in the projects. Auditors analyze each smart contract, try to flag any issues, and furnish a report of their findings.

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