Real Estate Tokenization Made Simple

Unlock liquidity and expand your investor reach with asset tokenization.

Developers and portfolio managers have turned to Upside to help them unlock liquidity for real estate investments and increase their investor access by employing a tokenization solution.

The Benefits of Asset Tokenization


Create Liquidity Where There Was None Before

Tokenizing real estate assets enables the division of properties into smaller, more accessible units, allowing for fractional ownership and easier trading on secondary markets.

It can bring liquidity by allowing asset owners to sell a fraction of their stake. This allows accredited investors to participate in other opportunities without having to sell an entire property or fund.

Immediately convert illiquid assets to liquid.

Utilize secondary markets to provide liquidity from assets that were previously difficult to trade.


Build a Global Network of Potential Investors

By digitizing real estate assets, portfolios and funds can market to a global audience, removing geographical barriers and increasing their potential investor pool.

Utilize fractionalization to increase investor reach.

Provide investors access to properties otherwise out of their reach.


Automate the Tasks, Focus on the Margins

Digital asset management simplifies and automates tasks such as compliance, reporting, and asset transfers, saving time and resources for businesses.

Increase investor trust thanks to the transparency of digital assets.

Let smart contracts handle compliance at the level of code.

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Why Choose Upside To Tokenize Real Estate Assets

Experience and Expertise

Upside's team of experienced blockchain and real estate professionals have a deep understanding of the industry, ensuring the seamless tokenization of assets.

Security and Compliance

Upside prioritizes the safety and regulatory compliance of tokenized assets, adhering to the highest industry standards.

Support and Success

Upside's commitment to client success doesn't end with tokenization. They provide ongoing support to help businesses navigate the evolving digital asset landscape.

Trusted Across The Globe

Upside recently helped these companies create, launch, and manage over 1 Billion tokens, distributed to over 800K blockchain accounts.

We Mean Business

$1 Billion +
Worth of successfully launched tokens
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