The Upside Dojo

The Trusted Path to Tokenization

The path for a successful tokenization requires a number of tools, resources, and connections. The Dojo membership program ensures that you are ready for whatever comes your way.
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The Upside Dojo is for:
  • People worried about the chaos and uncertainty of launching a token
  • People eager to learn about what it takes to go from idea to launch
  • People looking to build strong relationships in trusted communities
  • People seeking to verify the qualifications of their tokenization projects
Start of Year Special:
First 30 Days Are Free!

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Accelerate Your Path To Tokenization

Upside's Dojo Program will prepare you with the tools, resources, and connections necessary for a successful token launch.

For The Dojo Membership Program
The skills you need to launch a token
The qualifications of your project
With our community of entrepreneurs & partners
Your project with confidence

What The White Belt Dojo Membership Gives You

Join a platform designed to verify the quality and effort of your tokenization project.

The Proof of Doing

The first step on your journey to earn a Black Belt in Tokenization is to sign-up to join the Dojo Membership Program. In the White Belt Dojo, you will need to prove the following before you can level up to Green Belt.

Complete these steps with the benefit of live chat support and a tokenization learning system from a team that has deployed over 1 billion tokens to 1.5 million users
Get Incorporated
Connect With A Lawyer
Learn Your Asset Type
Refine Your Pitch Deck
Design Your Tokenomics

Complete These Steps With the Benefit of

Live Chat Support
Real people with real expertise there to help drive your project forward.
Learning System
We onboard you to our integrated protocol of tokenomics, legal contracts and smart contracts.
Individual Verification
Our team reviews and verifies the validity of your required documents and actions.

Trusted by Successful Web3 Companies Across The Globe (and Metaverse)

$1 Billion
Worth of successfully launched tokens
Blockchain accounts served

How The Dojo Works

Enter as a White Belt.

Establish the foundational elements of your project and earn respect from investors, community members and stakeholders.

Graduate to the next belt when you have completed all required tasks for your current belt. Receive badges verifying your progression through the Upside Dojo Program.

  • Curated Legal Support
    We provide legal templates and introductions to specialized attorneys that understand how to use them
  • Model Your Token From Our Templates
    Develop tokenization spreadsheets and capital flow diagrams
  • Discover Your Digital Asset Type
    Learn the differences between Security & Utility Tokens, as well as DAO's, and know which is best for your project.
  • Develop Your Tax Strategy
    Work with tax and accounting professionals to avoid unwanted liabilities.

Level Up At Each Stage Of The Process

Start by earning your White Belt, then proceed through each level on your way to a successful Token Launch.

Why The Dojo?

The Dojo Membership Program is an interactive education platform and community that takes you through all of the key steps necessary to safely and successfully launch a token or DAO.
(Trust us. We've learned the hard way - we've launched projects for dozens of international companies, and helped distribute over 1 Billion dollars in tokens)


Templated documents make it simple to create this tricky but invaluable document.

Legal Support

Templated documents direct introductions to specialized attorneys.

Tax Support

Templated documents make it simple to create this tricky but invaluable document.

Architectural Docs

Templated documents make it simple to create this tricky but invaluable document.

Investor Intros

(Unlocked at next stage) We introduce you to investors that believe in our White Belt system.