The Untapped Potential Of Security Tokens... What The Future Holds

Join Upside for a 45 minute deep dive into the incredible potential for security tokens. We discuss historical developments related to securities, examine the unique benefits of launching a security token, and identify a few practical use cases within traditional finance that would benefit form the use of security tokens.
  • The historical development of securities
  • The technology underlying security tokens
  • Strengths and weaknesses of legacy security instruments & security tokens
  • Practical use cases for security tokens
  • Strategies for launching a security token
Founder, CEO
@ Upside
Legal Engineer
@ Upside

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In Just 45 Minutes

We cover an array of topics vital to the intersection of fundraising and Web3, including...

  • Finding a Trusted Partner
    Working 100% custodyless, managing security audits, and following regulatory best practices.

  • Why Companies Need Help
    From avoiding the high fees of smart contract auditing to easy technical mistakes with catastrophic results.

  • Where The Dangers Lie
    An overview of the very real pitfalls that exists in launching a token. Essential viewing for any Founder / Investor.

  • Who Is Upside
    What we've built, who we work with, who has invested in us, and what our platform has achieved.