Real Estate Tokenization: Unlocking Value for Investors & Developers

Join Upside for a 15 minute introduction to tokenization for real estate. Learn about the benefits of tokenization, how it is altering the approach to financing projects and how investors are utilizing it to enhance liquidity within their funds. Included in the webinar:
  • An introduction to tokenization
  • How tokenized assets can be used to enhance liquidity
  • How to launch a tokenized real estate offering
  • Addressing legal & regulatory issues
  • Case studies of tokenized real estate funds / projects
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In Just 15 Minutes

We cover the benefits real estate investment funds, developers and projects managers have uncovered through tokenization.

  • Finding a Trusted Partner
    Working 100% custodyless, managing security audits, and following regulatory best practices.

  • Why Companies Need Help
    From avoiding the high fees of smart contract auditing to easy technical mistakes with catastrophic results.

  • Where The Dangers Lie
    An overview of the very real pitfalls that exists in launching a token. Essential viewing for any Founder / Investor.

  • Who Is Upside
    What we've built, who we work with, who has invested in us, and what our platform has achieved.