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Tokenize Assets and Trade The Decentralized Future

Upside is the trusted leader in tokenization, providing innovative solutions for businesses and projects to trade real estate and financial assets in the digital age.

Across the asset spectrum, we are leading the way toward democratizing access to the future of finance.

Premier Global Assets, Tokenized

We obsess over democratizing access to a world of unique investment opportunities by creating a global network that champions speed, security, resilience and transparency.

Global Reach. Local Insight.

Partner with a compliance-focused network that spans continents yet understands local nuances.

Liquid Horizons

Capitalize on enhanced secondary market liquidity, transforming the traditionally illiquid into tradable assets.

Gain An Edge

World class assets are moving to the blockchain while traditional investors remain unaware of the new opportunities.

Access To Ownership

Hold fractions of premium assets, bringing global markets to the fingertips of every investor.

The Upside Investor Network: Redefining Real Estate Investment.

A verified, discerning investor network with access to high value and exclusive real-world assets and opportunities.

Tailored Opportunities

From urban developments to vacation properties, find investment opportunities that align with your vision and values.

Beyond The Traditional

Invest into a diversified, global range of tokenized assets, issued with our compliance-focused operating system.

Transparency Elevated

Every transaction is recorded on the blockchain, ensuring unparalleled clarity and traceability for peace of mind.

KYC-Authenticated Investments

We employ rigorous Know Your Customer procedures, providing authenticity and trust in each transaction.

Cutting Edge Innovators

Learn alongside the developers, policy makers, investors, and engineers building the future of finance.

Transforming Assets Into Liquid Capital

Tokenization is more than digitization. Upside has created a full stack operating system designed to unlock financial opportunities while remaining compliant and tapping into the value of a trusted network.

Gateway to Financing

Join the pre-eminent network of investors, brokers, and issuers in the tokenization revolution.

Aligned Projects

Join the pre-eminent network of investors, brokers, and issuers in the tokenization revolution.

Harnessing DeFi

Join the pre-eminent network of investors, brokers, and issuers in the tokenization revolution.

Security Tokens & Utility Tokens

Tokens refer to programmable stores of value that are stored in a blockchain - and there are two types of tokens, security tokens and utility tokens. We guide issuers and investors on which is the right path and why.

Security Tokens

A security token represents ownership in a traditional investment, a digitized version of stock or bonds or any securitized asset.

Raising Financing: Security tokens are often used to raise funds for a project, while helping to democratize ownership due to their ease of access.

Holder Rights: As it is with traditional securities, security token holders are entitled to certain rights coded into the blockchain.

Investor Ownership: Security tokens are primarily used for investment reasons, as they represent an ownership stake in a business or project.

Utility Tokens

Utility tokens are designed to provide an actual use for the holder, hence "utility".

Grants Access: A utility token can grant access to parts of a platform reserved for token holders

Rights & Benefits: A token holder can move to the front of the line for new releases, limited supplies, and special promotions.

Discounted Fees: Owners of the token may enjoy discounts on purchases based on their total utility token holdings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions and concerns about real estate tokenization, the financial impact of the blockchain, and the legal and regulatory issues that are at the forefront of everyone in the industry.

How does tokenizing my real estate project benefit me as a developer/investor?

As a real estate developer/investor, key benefits of tokenization include:

  • Reducing illiquidity discount in real estate deals
  • Increasing liquidity by fractionalizing ownership interests
  • Facilitating secondary market trading and price discovery
  • Lowering the barrier to entry for smaller investors, expanding your capital pool
  • Simplifying and automating administrative tasks like distributions
  • Enhancing transparency into fundraising and asset performance via the blockchain
  • Accessing retail, international and crypto investors
  • Streamlining and accelerating the capital raising process
  • Unlocking the value of existing assets that are cash flowing or complete
  • Maintaining control over day-to-day operations and management
  • Improving visibility and reporting to attract investors
How does real estate tokenization work? What are tokens and how are they created?

Tokenization involves representing some type of real estate interest as a set of digital tokens whose rights are stored on a blockchain. These tokens act as programmable shares - they mirror the underlying economics, cash flows, voting rights, etc. of a real asset. We use ERC-1404 compliant tokens using smart contracts to encode a client's investment terms and automate distributions.

How does tokenization address liquidity concerns?

Tokenization introduces new avenues to overcome illiquidity discounts and enable issuers to leverage a liquidity premium in their deals Tokenization in real estate enables a secondary market where tokenized interests in a project may be traded more efficiently. Automated smart contracts enable customizable liquidity options like redemption rights for issuers and investors for different deal phases.

Why should I consider tokenization over traditional methods, and what are its costs?

Tokenization offers several benefits compared to traditional financing methods. Tokenized real estate democratizes access to real estate investments by allowing smaller retail investors to participate with smaller minimums.

Tokenization fundamentally improves the efficiency of real estate transactions by providing new liquidity options and eliminating illiquidity discounts baked into deals. This means issuers get better returns on their investments through more efficient operation. The process of tokenization additionally streamlines admin through smart contracts and blockchain-based record keeping. Costs will vary based on factors like asset value.

With each subsequent recurring tokenization, the costs decrease. There are also third party costs like legal, escrow, brokerage fees. While not always cheaper than traditional financing, the goal is to access new capital sources and add liquidity.

Who oversees property valuation, and who legally holds the asset title post-tokenization?

The valuation process is the same for traditional finance as it is for tokenization. As such, the valuation process is overseen by accredited, independent third-party appraisers to ensure fair market valuations that align with regulatory requirements.

Likewise, legal ownership of the underlying real estate asset remains with the asset holder/issuer post-tokenization. Token holders only have an ownership stake or enforceable economic interest in the performance of the asset. Token holders do not have governance rights in the decision making of the company or title to the physical property itself. Additionally, the specifics around legal ownership depend on the structure and regulations in play. For instance, with a Reg D offering the issuer retains full control and ownership.

With a Reg A+ offering, a neutral third party might hold the deed. We work closely with clients to structure issuances in a compliant manner that meets their needs.

Upside has been instrumental in helping us navigate the complex world of tokenization. Their expertise and guidance have allowed us to unlock new opportunities for growth and ownership in the digital age.

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